anneal.simulated_annealing(P, ID, beta_min=0.01, beta_max=100.0, cooling_rate=0.01, n_steps_per_T=100, E_min=-inf, quench_to_T0=False, n_steps_T0=1000)[source]

General-purpose simulated-annealing optimization function.


P : object

Instance of a custom class, wich includes attributes

  • P.beta

and methods:

  • P.set_beta(beta)
  • P.MC_move(), returning 1/0 (accepted/rejected)
  • P.update_MC_parameters(acc_ratio)

ID : str

Label for the problem under study.

beta_min : float, optional

Minimum inverse temperature (default: 1e-2)

beta_max: float, optional

Maximum inverse temperature (default: 1e2)

cooling_rate : float, optional

Cooling rate (default: 1e-2)

n_steps_per_T : int, optional

Number of MC moves attempted at each temperature (default: 100)

E_min : float, optional

Global energy minimum, if known (default: -infinity)

quench_to_T0 : bool, optional

If True, perform a T=0 quench at the end of the annealing

n_steps_T0 : int, optional

Number of MC moves after the T=0 quench


P : object

Current version of P

E : list

List of the final energies for each temperature

elapsed_time : float

Total elapsed time, in seconds